Monday, June 13, 2016

PB: Food for Life!!!!!

     Before I get started I want to say something real, real fast. All of the pictures in the post were drawn by Amy Mebberson. She is the one who does the Pocket Princesses, if you wish to see more of her work I suggest going to her blog or typing in your search bar "My Junk Drawer" and her site will pop right up!

     This is a passion post! I am supposed to post about something I love and I have picked food!!! I absolutely love food, though sometimes I don't like to cook!:-) My dad is an amazing cook, so I have always loved vegetables and he is always making aaaa-mazing food! Except for this one food that is a disgusting salty version of spaghetti, it's nasty!!! But, everything else I like a lot! Now, I am going to go through a couple of my favorites!

          One of my absolute favorite foods is jambalaya! My dad's version is amazing! Ever since I had jambalaya I have forever loved kielbasa! But (people will probably hate me for this), I do not like my jambalaya spicy! I know! It's horrible! I'm probably being hated in Louisiana! My dad makes the jambalaya with chopped chicken, kielbasa, and rice. I absolutely love it! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points, I'm gonna try and tone it down so I'm not screaming at you all!


                                                                                       The wording is a little blurry on the picture, but hopefully you can still read it! My next favorite food is meat! I know it's not technically a dish, but it's pretty good! I love steak, ribs, pot roast, etc. Though, I don't like fish, I only like shellfish (crustacea and mollusk) in the seafood department! I have also wondered why we don't call beef cow? I mean we have fish and we have lamb, but we don't have cow and pig! Though, you would so weird when you told someone you were having cow for dinner! Okay, don't pay attention to the last four sentences!!

     Thank you so much guys for reading this and listening to me drone on about food! Hah! I'm so weird!:-)


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